what are anti snap locks!
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Manufacturers of locks have created higher security anti snap locks Edgbaston to overcome the danger of anti-snap locks. These security cylinders features anti-snap lines so if the force is connected to either end of the barrel the gatecrasher will break the bolt at the anti-snap line and not at the focal point of the barrel. This leaves the locking system flawless and will keep the robber from breaking the lock.

Are my locks are Anti-Snap?

The best way to be sure that you have anti snap locks Edgbaston installed is to take lock out from door and search for snap lines. A few people will state that locks are anti-snap if the BS kitemark is on the cylinder; while this can be genuine it is anything but a 100% certification. When acquiring anti-snap locks for your premises it is fitting to look for guidance from an expert Dudley locksmiths.

Dudley locksmiths will measure your door and request a barrel that is the correct size to accommodate your specific door. This will guarantee the barrel doesn't stand out of door packaging; this will keep the robber from utilizing a device to try and snap the lock in any case.

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